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“Super Lien” Status Update

As a result of our seminars and newsletters, over 130 individuals have come forward to volunteer to help get “Super Lien” legislation enacted in Ohio. As many of you already know, condominium and homeowner associations throughout Ohio struggle to pay for necessary services. That struggle gets even worse when you and your neighbors are forced to make up for the loss of funds when a fellow homeowner is delinquent. “Super Lien” legislation would help to protect community associations in the event of a foreclosure. “Super Lien” legislation will safeguard the solvency of community associations throughout Ohio so that they may continue to provide maintenance, services, and property preservation that all owners deserve.

We are in the process of asking some volunteers to make contact with the representatives they know in an attempt to get this legislation introduced. The process of introducing legislation often takes several months. As soon as it is introduced, well will provide another status report on this blog and provide a link to the pending legislation. We will then begin a grassroots lobbying campaign. At that point, we will ask everyone to call, write, or email as many senators or representatives as possible. The Ohio General Assembly needs to be informed that a “Super Lien” is integral to the continued well-being of Ohio’s community associations.

It is hoped that the Ohio Legislature will respond to all of the volunteers’ efforts and will enact the “Super Lien” law. Stay tuned to this blog for further developments.