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Super Lien Status Update

Many of Ohio’s condominium and homeowner association board members and residents have been inquiring as to the status of the “Super Lien” legislation. Thanks to everyone for your interest, help and support! We are happy to report that the process is moving forward, and we hope to have the bill introduced into the Ohio legislature soon.

Over 30 individuals came forward and presented the Super Lien Information Packet to legislators all around the State of Ohio. Many of these legislators expressed a strong interest in sponsoring and introducing the proposed law. Now that the Ohio General Assembly has returned from its late summer recess and finishes up the state’s operating budget, we are very optimistic that the “Super Lien” will be introduced soon. When this happens, we will post an update on this website.

Once the legislation is introduced, we will contact all of the volunteers who signed up to be part of the “Super Lien” team. At that time, we will need as many letters, phone calls, and personal appeals to legislators as possible to ensure that the General Assembly is aware that this legislation is vital to Ohio’s community associations.

Again, we will keep you informed with any updates regarding the “Super Lien” or any other condominium or homeowner association law changes.