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Super Lien Lives to Fight Another Day

Ohio’s legislative session ends at the end of 2010, and any legislation that is not enacted must be re-introduced in the new legislative session, beginning in 2011. While progress was made, Ohio’s Super Lien legislation was not enacted this year. A community association Super Lien would, in the event of a foreclosure sale, mandate that the association be paid six months of fees prior to all other liens, including the bank’s first mortgages. Due to the importance of this legislation to thousands of Ohio communities, we are seeking to have this legislation re-introduced in 2011. It is our desire to ensure that the 2011 legislation will apply not only to condominiums, but homeowner associations as well. To accomplish this, wide spread support is certainly needed.

With the recent elections over and the new Republican controlled legislature, this effort needs board members who are friends with, or have influence with, Republican State Representatives or State Senators. If you know such a legislator, please contact us at superlien@kamancus.com for more information on how to volunteer and solicit sponsorship and/or support for this much needed legislation.