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Association Thief Released From Prison

After serving 44 months of a 51 month sentence in federal prison for stealing more than $3.4 Million Dollars from over 40 of Ohio’s community associations, former MultiVest Management owner Kathleen DeSalvo is being released today. By her production of fraudulent bank statements and online fund transfers, the losses related to Ms. DeSalvo range from a few thousand dollars to almost $300,000 per association, with at least four associations losing $250,000 or more. While Ms. DeSalvo may have “paid her debt to society,” the losses sustained to many communities will likely never be repaid.

Despite this alarming wake-up call for associations, many Ohio community association still remain vulnerable to financial threats. To guide association board members in making sound financial decisions, partner Darcy Mehling Good, authored a Kaman Report Article entitled “Safeguarding Association Funds.” This article provides 10 suggestions that boards should seriously consider to reasonably protect the community’s money including lock box systems, segregated accounts, proper insurance, and regular audits. Kaman & Cusimano, LLC service option clients can view the entire article in the Client Articles section of ATLAS.