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Resident Board Members

Ohio law requires that community association board members be owners in their communities, the spouse of an owner in their communities, or the principal, member of a limited liability company, partner, director, officer, or employee of an owner, if the unit/lot is not owned by an individual.  Many condominium and homeowner associations, however, have amended their governing documents to impose additional requirements for Board membership, such as good standing in the payment of association assessments or residency in the community.

 For a closer look at the pros and cons of a board residency requirement, please view the HOAleader.com article: http://www.hoaleader.com/public/Residency-Requirements-for-Your-HOA-Board-of-Directors-Pros-and-Cons.cfm

 For more detailed information if your Board is considering proposing an amendment to adopt additional restrictions for Board membership, please consult with any Kaman & Cusimano, LLC attorney.