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Combatting Condominium Short Term Rentals

As the apartment boom in Ohio continues to grow, many condominum owners and investors want to rent their condominium units, and often want to do so on a short-term basis.  Condominium owner-occupants are often opposed to such rentals within their community, for important reasons such as insurance coverage, increased liability, complaince with Federal mortgagee requirements, property maintenance, and general community spirit.

While many associations have passed reasonable restrictions on leasing as an amendment to the association’s declaration, many association boards are specifically asking how to combat short term rentals, particularly in non-vacation areas.  To address this issue, HOAleader.com recently publishes a series of articles regarding combatting condominium short term rentals.  To view the article, please visit the following link:


As always, should an association board member or professional property manager have specific questions on how to address this issue in your community, please contact one of the Kaman & Cusimano attorneys for specific counsel and guidance.