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Kaman & Cusimano Storms Capital in Opposition of Ohio HB 371

In a strong opposition to HB 371, Kaman and Cusimano stormed the Ohio Statehouse today to oppose this bad legislation for Ohio community associations.

First, in conjunction with a breakfast hosted by the Community Association’s Institute’s Legislative Action Committee, Kaman & Cusimano representatives met with numerous legislators and aides on an individual basis to discuss community associations generally and specifically on our strong opposition to this bad piece of legislation.

Second, Kaman & Cusimano attorney Darcy Mehling Good, who also serves as the chairwoman of the legislative action committee testified before the House’s Financial Instiutions, Housing and Urban Development Committee.  Attorney Good was joined by other property managers, board members, and industry professionals, all whom voiced strong opposition to the bill.

In an apparent misguided attempt to improve community associations based on constituent complaints, Ohio HB 371 subjects volunteer board members to criminal liability for failure to meet certain statutory requirements, requires every association to register with the state and pay a significant fee (proposed at $3 per unit), prevent board members from making unanimous emergency decisions outside of a board meeting, and requires property managers to obtain a real estate broker/salesperson license, among other provisions that will raise the cost of community association living, discourage volunteerism, increase government oversight, and hurt many Ohio small businesses.

Consequently, if you have not yet done so, please express your opposition to H.B. 371 to your local State Representative!