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1500+ Board Members Attend Financial Crisis Seminar

The desire of volunteer board members to benefit community associations continues to amaze and impress. In April, over 1500 board members attended Kaman & Cusimano, LLC’s spring seminar series entitled “The Financial Crisis – What Every Board Member Needs to Know.” This seminar detailed ways for a board to manage the financial crisis and not let the financial crisis manage the board. Topics covered included a new investment tool known as “CDARS,” FHA lending requirements and their impact on community associations, creative funding sources for community associations such as loans and donations, and successful collection techniques and policies.

Community Association board members from all over the state of Ohio all share the common goal of financial stability and posses the drive to make that goal a reality. Through education, planning, hard work, and diligence, there is no doubt that Ohio’s condominium and homeowner associations will emerge from this crisis in a stronger fiscal position that they were before. Thank you, board members, for all of your time and hard work to make these goals a reality.