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Association Files Lawsuit Against Developer for Construction Defects

A condominium association in central Ohio recently filed a lawsuit against its developer for substantial construction defects.  The association, represented by Kaman & Cusimano, filed the lawsuit to address substantial water intrusion issues throughout the condominium property.   The Columbus Dispatch recently ran a story on the lawsuit, including comments by partner Kevin M. Fields.  Describing the issues facing the condominium:

“There have been noted deficiencies at every building out there, with both the roofs and wall systems,” Fields said. “There’s been severe water infiltration through the walls, which has caused underlying damage, and various roof leaks and roofs not properly secured — in essence, sliding off the buildings.”

Please click the following link to view the entire story:   http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/business/2014/09/05/owners-of-all-74-condos-in-westerville-complex-sue-builder.html

If your community association may be experiencing damages caused by construction defects, click the following link to learn more about Kaman & Cusimano’s construction defect practice group: http://ohiocondolaw.com/construction-defects/