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Community Associations Prosper in 2015

Ohio condominium and homeowner associations have successfully weathered substantial challenges during the past few years. Problems ranging from major storms to substantial delinquency rates have forced volunteer board members and their professional property managers to make difficult, but well informed decisions on how best to maintain and operate our communities and neighborhoods.

In 2014, associations faced a new challenge: disastrous legislation that would have had a substantial, negative impact on communities around the state that subjected volunteer board members to criminal punishment, raised fees the owners pay in every community, and crippled the ability to preserve property values by enforcing deed restrictions. Thankfully, board members, property managers and industry professionals united with us and worked tirelessly to see this bill defeated.

Going forward, our firm continues to pro-actively be involved in the legislative process to help ensure that any legislation will help, not hinder, our region’s communities. By promoting communication, we continue to educate, counsel and inform Ohio’s volunteer community association board members through free phone calls, newsletters, exclusive online resources, and seminars.

2015’s outlook is prosperous because Ohio’s condominium and homeowner association volunteer board members and professional property managers continue to defend and protect our communities.