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K&C Partner Kevin Fields to Present at Fall OLCA Conference

Kaman & Cusimano, LLC is pleased to announce that Partner Kevin Fields will be presenting at  the Fall Meeting and Conference of the Ohio Lake Communities Association (“OLCA”). The OLCA currently represents 25,700 families holding title to over 39,000 lots in twenty-two active member lakes.

The Fall Meeting and Conference provides a forum to exchange ideas on common interests affecting lake communities, while providing legal support and education to board members and employees of the associations.  Lake community associations from across the state will be in attendance.

Kevin’s presentation is entitled “Opening the Floodgates of Remedying Rule & Covenant Violations.”  His session will focus on enforcement issues that affect all lake communities, including but not limited to: adopting effective and efficient enforcement procedures, reasonable fines and self-help remedies, and proper conduction of violation hearings.