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It’s Time to Communicate Your Association’s Snow and Ice Removal Policy

Unfortunately, snow and ice are a fact of life in Ohio. When temperatures drop and snow starts falling, board members are often faced with questions and complaints about snow and ice removal. To better protect the association from liability and to place more responsibility on the residents, the board should send a newsletter, memo, or otherwise communicate the association’s snow and ice removal specifications to the owners and residents every fall.

This communication should explain what areas the association plows and how often. For example, many associations’ snow removal contracts provide that snow will be plowed when the snowfall exceeds 2 inches. Also, the board should inform owners whether the walkways will be shoveled by the association’s contractor and when and if the association contractors salt any areas.

In addition, the communication should remind residents that, despite the association’s efforts to keep the property reasonably free of snow and ice, the association does not guarantee or promise protection against these hazards. Residents therefore must proceed cautiously as dangerous conditions may lurk anywhere and everywhere in Ohio during the winter months.