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Ohio Flag Bill Now Law

In a flurry of activity at the end of the 2-year cycle for the 131st Ohio General Assembly, Governor Kasich signed 17 bills into law, including HB 18, “The Flag Bill.” After passing the House unanimously in late 2015, the bill was amended in the Senate committee, but not taken to the full Senate for a vote until December 6, 2016. With a 31-0 vote, it was sent back to the House for a final approval of the amended version, and then presented to the Governor for signature.

The purpose of the bill is to extend the protections now afforded to the exterior display of the U.S. Flag to now also include: the State of Ohio flag, the POW/MIA flag, window displays of blue and gold star banners, and other similarly designated service flags. Like the United States flag, these flags will be permitted to be displayed within Limited Common Elements or windows, subject to reasonable rules regarding size and location. As it takes 90 days, the law will be effective March 19, 2017, and apply to mobile home parks and apartments in Ohio, along with condominium and homeowner associations.