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Tips and Tricks for Running A Successful Annual Meeting

Many associations hold their annual meetings in the second quarter of the year.  As you prepare for your association’s annual meeting, it is important to remember some helpful hints on running an effective and efficient meeting:

  • ​Remember to start on time.  Be sure that sign-in is scheduled prior to the meeting to allow enough time to get organized.
  • Cover the procedural requirements in your governing documents.  In order to conduct a valid annual meeting, there must be a quorum present and notice of the annual meeting must have been sent.  The specific requirements for your association will be outlined in your governing documents.  If the requirements aren’t followed, no action taken at that meeting will be valid.
  • Follow your agenda.  Let the owners know in the beginning that the agenda will be strictly followed. This will keep you organized and on track.
  • Keep your cool during an open forum.  There are some owners who only come to the annual meeting to complain, and things can get heated fast.  Instead of becoming defensive and combative in response, stay calm and listen, but keep order and control.  Allow one person to speak at a time, and once their time is up, thank them for the feedback and move on.
  • When in doubt, have an attorney attend.  Our attorneys attend and conduct numerous annual meetings throughout the year.  If you would like us to attend, simply give us a call!