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The Hot Days of August Have Arrived in Ohio

It’s no secret that this hot and humid summer weather poses a health risk to many members of our community associations.  Extreme heat is likely to cause or exasperate health problems, particularly in older adults, young children, or those with chronic health problems. As the temperatures hover at or above ninety degrees, here are some suggestions for helping to keep residents safe:

  • If your association is responsible for maintaining any common element air conditioning components, ensure that they are in good working order. Have ducts properly insulated and cleaned.
  • Weather strip common element doors and windows to keep cool air inside.
  • Ensure that any drinking fountains in your common areas are in good working order.
  • If there is concern about a resident’s well-being, call the local police department and ask that they come perform a welfare check. Many municipalities also offer a free daily welfare check service for older residents who live alone.
  • If someone appears to be suffering from heat stroke or another heat-related health problem, call 911 immediately.

While we suffer through this extreme heat, we can take solace in the fact that those winter winds will soon be blowing.