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COVID-19 Community Association Legal Resource Guide

Community associations represent a significant portion of our population and an even more significant portion of high density residential areas. So, preparing for and administering a community during the present pandemic and state of emergency provides community association boards with unique challenges. 

Community associations generally do not have a legal duty to protect the health and safety of the residents. Boards nevertheless are wise to take affirmative measures to minimize the impact on the community’s health, while still providing the services the community requires.  In most instances, community associations have the right and duty to continue the association’s operations, including providing for the maintenance of the common elements, collecting assessments, and enforcing the rules.

Kaman & Cusimano has prepared a COVID-19 Community Association Legal Resource Guide for its client Ohio community association board members and professional community association managers to use for general guidance on how to operate.  As always, board members and community association managers should also rely on the advice and direction of government officials, including the public health departments, and specific legal advice from our office when necessary to address a particular situation.

Kaman & Cusimano, LLC service option client community association board members and their professional community association managers please LOGIN TO ATLAS to view the COVID-19 Community Association Legal Resource Guide, which is being regularly updated to reflect the most updated information and guidance.