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How to Increase Owner Involvement, By Magdalena E. Myers, Esq.

Magdalena (Maggie) E. Myers, PartnerGetting owners involved in your community association may not be easy.  Apathy or indifference is an issue most boards will experience at some point.  While increasing owner engagement in the community may seem like a difficult task, the benefits of doing so are worth it.  Active and engaged owners can help the board understand concerns and get volunteers to share the workload.  Here are some different ways to get more people involved in your association:

  1. Communicate regularly.  Consider a newsletter. Whether through a formal paper newsletter, or an e-newsletter to save on costs, informing the community of updates and important issues can increase transparency and hopefully, owner involvement.
  2. Create diverse opportunities.  Everyone has different strengths, and some people may not feel comfortable volunteering for certain positions or committees.  Start different committees for specific areas, like finances or landscaping.
  3. Welcome new owners. Welcome packages or a welcoming committee are great ways to help new owners feel included.  Plus, you can let new owners know how they can get involved from the start!
  4. Recognize efforts.  Frequently recognize and acknowledge the efforts of those people who do volunteer to make your community better, including current and past board members. Showing appreciation publicly is a great way to encourage involvement.
  5. Ask!  Ask for volunteers at your meetings or in your newsletters.  Some owners want to get involved, but don’t know where to start.  Simply asking owners to help may be the kickstart they need to get involved.

An involved association makes for a better run community, and an easier job for the Board.  Good luck!