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Category: Developer Transition

Developer Control: When Does it End in Ohio Condominiums? By Magdalena E. Myers, Esq.

Every condominium association is initially created by a developer, who controls the association during the beginning of the development period.  During that time, the developer
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Association Files Lawsuit Against Developer for Construction Defects

A condominium association in central Ohio recently filed a lawsuit against its developer for substantial construction defects.  The association, represented by Kaman & Cusimano, filed
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Transition Study, Reserve Study. What’s the Difference?

Most board members understand what a reserve study is and the beneficial role it plays in managing the financial future of the community association.  Another
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Successfully obtained a monetary settlement from developer failing to perform work.

An association filed a lawsuit against its developer for failing to complete a project to install breakwaters in Lake Erie and form a private beach
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K&C obtains settlement where the developer agrees to convey all common element roads and open spaces to the HOA

An association filed a lawsuit against its developer as a result of its failure to transfer the common elements to the association. Kaman & Cusimano
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Successfully resolved a lawsuit against a developer for construction deficiencies in the Association’s clubhouse.

An association discovered various design and construction deficiencies affecting its clubhouse, which led to water infiltration and the formation of mold throughout the building.  On
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