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Tips for Negotiating a Contract By: Beau Chinn Esq.

Before entering into a contract, an association has the opportunity to negotiate terms that provide more protection for the community. One critical aspect of contract
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Attorneys John Izzo and Andrew Meinert present for the Ohio State Bar Association

Attorneys John Izzo and Andrew Meinert delivered a presentation on May 11, 2023, for the Ohio State Bar Association on Community Association Law Basics. They
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Our own Rachel Kuhn presents at the Ohio Land Title Association’s Spring Seminar

Attorney Rachel Kuhn presented today at the Ohio Land Title Association’s Spring Seminar on best practices and hot topics in condominium and planned community law. 
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Tips for Orienting Yourself as a New Board Member By Andrew F. Meinert, Esq.

As the adrenaline rush of hearing your name announced as the election winner starts to wear off, you begin wondering what exactly you have gotten
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Fidelity Insurance – Why Every Community Association Needs It By Magdalena E. Myers, Esq.

Virtually all community associations collect assessments to operate and maintain their property. Each community association that collects assessments likely has multiple people involved in handling
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Conducting Effective Board Meetings By Rachel Kuhn, Esq.

Community association board members are busy volunteers who set aside time amidst work, family, and other personal obligations to serve their communities.  In order to
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Difference Between Directors and Officers By Jennifer B. Cusimano

One of the more misunderstood concepts of community associations is the difference between a director and an officer.  Under Ohio law, all condominium and planned
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How to Identify the Legal Titled Owners in Your Association By Magdalena E. Myers, Esq.

Ohio community associations are required to keep a current list of titled owners.  This list is used to provide notice for upcoming annual meetings and
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Spring Seminar Series Complete!

We are proud to announce that Kaman & Cusimano, LLC just completed its Spring Seminar Series entitled Successful Collection of Delinquent Accounts.  The seminar was open
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Fall Seminar: Unique Laws That Apply To All Ohio Community Associations

Kaman & Cusimano, LLC is pleased to offer our fall seminar series to our Service Option client community association board members and their professional property
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