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Developer Held to Same Rules as Other Owners

A recent case in Florida (MacKenzie v. Centext Homes, 208 So.3d.790 (2016)) was not bashful about holding a developer to the same rules as other ...
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12 Things My Board and I Do When We Want to Be Sued

It is well known that Association Board members (directors) have fiduciary duties to their unit owners and associations. It is almost as commonly known that ...
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Recent Changes in the Wisconsin Condominium Ownership Act that Affect Your Association: Record Keeping, Financial Records, Audits, and Website Requirements

In 2022, the Wisconsin legislature adopted additional provisions to the Condominium Ownership Act that affect all Wisconsin condominium associations. Because the new statutes require condominium ...
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Owner Liable for Prior Owners Assessments – Who Knew?

Summary In Florida, mere ownership of a condominium makes you liable for all assessments which come due while you are an owner AND all assessments ...
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Association Can Adopt Architectural Guidelines

While many states have strong protections for private property, Associations can adopt architectural guidelines.
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Insufficient Insurance Costs Association LOTS!!!

Insurance policy language generally insures only what the condominium documents provide, not what state laws require. Having insufficient insurance can cost associations LOTS.
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Claims for When Developers Have TOO Much Control of Association

Facts Montana Developer of three condominium-hotels at Big Sky Ski Resort sold units subject to Declarations that required “all unit owners to use [Developer], or ...
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