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The Power of Communication to Maintain Unity in the Community

Lack of communication from a board to owners can wreak havoc on a community association. It can create mistrust among the owners, may perpetuate conflict ...
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Can an Association Restrict Firearm Possession? By: Ian C. Mullenhour, Esq.

Firearm possession and the Second Amendment is perhaps one of the biggest political issues on the minds of Americans today. Recent tragedies in Highland Park, ...
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Can you operate a business from home while living in a community association? By: John A. Izzo, Esq.

Most Declarations contain a provision prohibiting commercial or business activity from being conducted or operated from a unit or home within an association.  Deed restrictions ...
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Is Towing an Option for Parking Violations? By Jennifer B. Cusimano, Esq.

Having enough parking spaces and getting owners, residents, and guests to follow the parking rules can be a major issue for many community associations.  Towing ...
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Pet Policies: Regulating Our Furry Friends, By: Jillian M. Henzler, Esq.

Board members generally have authority to adopt and enforce rules within their community. While most rules are created to protect the owners and residents living ...
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When the Board Decides to Raise Late Fees – Keep It Reasonable

With increasing postage rates and other costs, some boards are considering raising the association’s administrative “late fee” assessed to delinquent owners.  When an owner fails ...
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Removing Prohibited Structures from Property

As spring approaches many homeowners may decide to take on a home improvement project; however, some of these projects may conflict with the deed restrictions ...
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Restricting Gun Possession

Perhaps no political issue in the past 20 years has captivated the public’s attention quite like the issue of the Second Amendment to the Constitution ...
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Don’t Let Decorations Ruin Your Holidays

Does the sight of red ornaments give you the blues?  Do blue and white lights make you see red?  Does causing holiday decoration removal leave ...
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Require a Witness for Conduct Violations

One day, a board member was walking to her car in the common element parking lot.  She was already late for work but had taken ...
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