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Partners Dan Miske and Lydia Chartre presented at Wisconsin’s Chapter of CAI on reserves and lending

On May 23, 2024, Partners Dan Miske and Lydia Chartre presented a webinar for the Wisconsin Chapter of CAI titled “Reserves, Lending: What You Need ...
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Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Bill of 2017 – H.R. 1849

  When the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) was initially written many believed that lawyers were exempt from its requirements. However, the US Supreme ...
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Must Wisconsin Condominium Residents Wear a Face Covering (Mask) in Indoor Common Element

As many of you know, on July 30, 2020, Governor Evers of Wisconsin issued Executive Order #82 declaring a public health emergency to combat COVID-19, ...
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Dealing With Short Term Rentals/AirBnB

If you are seeing a lot of unfamiliar faces coming and going from a unit in your Association, it is possible that the owner is ...
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Developer Held to Same Rules as Other Owners

A recent case in Florida (MacKenzie v. Centext Homes, 208 So.3d.790 (2016)) was not bashful about holding a developer to the same rules as other ...
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Compliance With State Laws is Important

A recent case in Colorado (Tyra Summit Condominiums II Association, Inc. v. Clancy, 2017 COA 73) held an Association trying to amend its Declaration to ...
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12 Things My Board and I Do When We Want to Be Sued

It is well known that Association Board members (directors) have fiduciary duties to their unit owners and associations. It is almost as commonly known that ...
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This Land Is My Land, this Land is Your Land – Owner Loses Ownership of Land After Denying It Was Part of His Lot

Summary The Court of Appeals of Washington held that a lot owner was barred from claiming ownership of a strip of land after representing that ...
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Recent Changes in the Wisconsin Condominium Ownership Act that Affect Your Association: Record Keeping, Financial Records, Audits, and Website Requirements

In 2022, the Wisconsin legislature adopted additional provisions to the Condominium Ownership Act that affect all Wisconsin condominium associations. Because the new statutes require condominium ...
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Owner Liable for Prior Owners Assessments – Who Knew?

Summary In Florida, mere ownership of a condominium makes you liable for all assessments which come due while you are an owner AND all assessments ...
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