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Category: Amendments

Compliance with State and County Recording Requirements For Amendment Filings Is No Easy Task

When associations amend their governing documents, not only must the amendment be approved in the manner prescribed by the governing documents, but it must also ...
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Dos and Don’ts for Amendment Votes

Amendments to the Declaration and Bylaws will keep the documents current under the law and reflect the actual operation and administration of the community.  Despite ...
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Steps to Becoming a 55 and Older Community By David W. Kaman, Esq

Federal and state fair housing laws prohibit community associations from discriminating against occupants on the basis of “familial status.” Familial status is defined as one ...
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Combatting Condominium Short Term Rentals

As the apartment boom in Ohio continues to grow, many condominum owners and investors want to rent their condominium units, and often want to do ...
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Association Lighting Restrictions

Many condominium and homeowner associations have significant  architectural restrictions, including some restrictions and requirements on exterior lighting.  Common element lights, as well as decorative lighting ...
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Resident Board Members

Ohio law requires that community association board members be owners in their communities, the spouse of an owner in their communities, or the principal, member ...
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Eliminating Common Element Recreational Facilities

In these difficult and challenging financial times, several community association boards have inquired about the proper procedure to eliminate an association amenity, such as a swimming ...
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Amendments MUST be Recorded to be Valid

Our Firm was recently hired by an association in Westerville, and another inDayton, Ohio. Both associations were under the impression that they had enacted valid and legally ...
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