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Strengthening Community Associations: The Vital Role of a Comprehensive Assessment Recovery Policy and Procedure

Community associations are founded on principles of shared responsibility and collective maintenance. From maintaining common elements to providing essential services, every member’s contribution in the ...
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A Code of Ethics for Community Associations By Michelle Polly-Murphy, Esq.

In Ohio, community associations are organized as nonprofit corporations. Just as a board for a corporation must be accountable to its shareholders, a community association ...
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Collection of Delinquent Assessments Through Bankruptcy By: Jillian M. Henzler, Esq.

When an owner becomes delinquent on association assessments or other obligations, they may consider bankruptcy as a solution to their financial problems.  A bankruptcy filing ...
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The COVID Collections Crisis, By: Jillian M. Henzler, Esq.

The COVID-19 pandemic created a year of unforeseen circumstances and changed virtually every aspect of our daily lives.  The federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic ...
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When the Board Decides to Raise Late Fees – Keep It Reasonable

With increasing postage rates and other costs, some boards are considering raising the association’s administrative “late fee” assessed to delinquent owners.  When an owner fails ...
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Winterization By M. Katherine Bushey, Esq.

The trees have turned colors and leaves have fallen.  Is your association protected from the cold weather? It is that time of year again in ...
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Protections for an Association Against Bad Faith Bankruptcy Filings

Federal bankruptcy laws are intended to provide debtors with a fresh start. When a property owner files bankruptcy, federal bankruptcy law imposes an automatic stay ...
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Short Sales and Community Associations

A short sale is a common alternative to foreclosure when a delinquent owner owes lien holders on the property more money than the property is ...
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Can a Delinquent Owner Rent the Unit while in Foreclosure?

A question Kaman & Cusimano is often asked is whether there is anything an association can do if a unit is being rented while it ...
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K&C Partner Kate Bushey Presents at National CAI Law Seminar

Kaman & Cusimano partner Kate Bushey presented at the national CAI College of Community Association Lawyers’ Law Seminar in New Orleans today on “Wouldn’t Debtors’ ...
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