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Navigating Contractor Disputes and Business Decisions: A Guide for Community Associations

In the complex realm of managing condominium and homeowner associations, disputes with contractors and other critical business decisions can unexpectedly arise. Successful navigation through these ...
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Effective Communication Strategies for Community Association Boards

Effective communication is vital for board members. In fact, it is the cornerstone of a thriving community association. Enhanced communication can make owners feel informed, ...
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Evaluate Your Sign Restrictions Now To Avoid Legal Issues In the Future

     As we are approaching the end of winter, it is a perfect time for boards to review their association’s governing documents and understand ...
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The Importance of Doing Preventative Maintenance

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – this idea may properly apply to some things in life, but should never apply to how your ...
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John Izzo named as Vice Chair of the Legislative Review Committee for the OSBA Real Property Section

We are excited to share the news that John Izzo has been named as the Vice Chair of the Legislative Review Committee for the Real ...
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Compliance with State and County Recording Requirements For Amendment Filings Is No Easy Task

When associations amend their governing documents, not only must the amendment be approved in the manner prescribed by the governing documents, but it must also ...
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Partner Nicholas Meinert participated in 2023 CAI Advocacy Summit

On November 2, 2023, Partner Nicholas (“Nick”) Meinert actively took part in the Community Association Institute’s Advocacy Summit held in Washington, D.C. CAI’s 2023 Advocacy ...
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Navigating the Legal Snowdrift: Ensuring a Solid Snow Removal Contract

As winter arrives, associations and community association managers must prepare for the inevitable task of establishing smooth and safe snow removal operations. While hiring a ...
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Empowering Communities: Navigating Mental Health Challenges in Community Associations

On September 29, 2023, attorneys from Kaman and Cusimano attended the educational seminar hosted by the Northern Ohio Chapter of Community Association titled “Addressing Mental ...
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Tips for Negotiating a Contract By: Beau Chinn Esq.

Before entering into a contract, an association has the opportunity to negotiate terms that provide more protection for the community. One critical aspect of contract ...
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