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Don’t Gamble with Your Community’s Well-Being By: Nicholas J. Meinert, Esq.

The recent changes to Ohio’s sports gambling laws, which took effect on January 1, 2023, have prompted many board members to inquire about the possibility ...
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A Code of Ethics for Community Associations By Michelle Polly-Murphy, Esq.

In Ohio, community associations are organized as nonprofit corporations. Just as a board for a corporation must be accountable to its shareholders, a community association ...
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The Power of Communication to Maintain Unity in the Community

Lack of communication from a board to owners can wreak havoc on a community association. It can create mistrust among the owners, may perpetuate conflict ...
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Tips on How to Take Good Board Meeting Minutes By Jennifer B. Cusimano, Esq.

The Board of Directors is the governing body that is responsible for the administration of your community association.   Board meetings are a time for board ...
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Who Is Qualified To Be A Board Member? BY Michelle Polly-Murphy, Esq.

A successful community association begins with the board. A competent and productive board is an integral part of that success. But who can be board ...
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Save the Dream Ohio – 888-404-4674, By: M. Katherine Bushey, Esq.

Recently, Save the Dream Ohio (888-404-4676; savethedream.ohiohome.org) administered by the Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) and funded by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Homeowner ...
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How to Guarantee Your Association Achieves a Quorum, By: Katelyn R. Kaman, Esq.

Each year, every community association must have an annual meeting of its ownership. To have a legal meeting, however, certain procedural and legal requirements must ...
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How to Increase Owner Involvement, By Magdalena E. Myers, Esq.

Getting owners involved in your community association may not be easy.  Apathy or indifference is an issue most boards will experience at some point.  While ...
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Our own Rachel Kuhn presents at the Ohio Land Title Association’s Spring Seminar

Attorney Rachel Kuhn presented today at the Ohio Land Title Association’s Spring Seminar on best practices and hot topics in condominium and planned community law.  ...
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Tips for Orienting Yourself as a New Board Member By Andrew F. Meinert, Esq.

As the adrenaline rush of hearing your name announced as the election winner starts to wear off, you begin wondering what exactly you have gotten ...
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