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Cutting Costs: When Using Volunteers Does More Harm Than Good By Andrew F. Meinert, Esq.

With next year’s budgets in preparation, boards may be looking for ways to cut costs and reduce spending.  Often, Board’s will look to their owners ...
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Fidelity Insurance – Why Every Community Association Needs It By Magdalena E. Myers, Esq.

Virtually all community associations collect assessments to operate and maintain their property. Each community association that collects assessments likely has multiple people involved in handling ...
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Personal Injury on Association Property

When an injury occurs on association property, the first course of action is always to ensure the health and safety of the injured person by ...
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Reservation of Rights

Most community association board members are aware that if a person sustains an injury in the association’s common elements, such as a typical “slip and ...
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Spring Thunderstorms Bring… Falling Trees!

Spring and summer in Ohio often means heavy rains and thunderstorms that cause trees and large branches to fall, sometimes causing damage to property. As ...
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Workers’ Compensation for Amish Contractors

Generally, all workers need workers’ compensation coverage.  The board must make sure that anyone entering the community association property to perform work is covered.  This ...
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FHA Fidelity Insurance Requirement

Property managers and board members have routinely been receiving “mortgagee questionnaires” from the lenders of potential purchasers, asking the association a variety of questions ranging ...
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$250,000 FDIC Insurance Limit Extended

As discussed in our recent seminar entitled “The Financial Crisis – What Every Board Member Needs to Know,” the FDIC Insurance limit on bank accounts ...
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