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K&C Helps Association Resolve Water Company Billing Issue

Kaman & Cusimano, LLC attorney Joseph DiBaggio recently helped a community association resolve a major billing issue with the water company.  The association was being dramatically undercharged the ...
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K&C Helps Associations Secure Financial Information

On January 29, 2015, Carnation Realty, a property management and real estate company located in Stow, Ohio, permanently closed its doors for business.  Carnation’s closing ...
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K&C Lawyers Storm Capital

Kaman & Cusimano partners Darcy Mehling Good, Kate Bushey, Kevin Fields, and associate Magdalena Myers, attended the Community Association Institute’s Ohio Legislative Action Committee’s Annual ...
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Over $11,000 Collected for Association From A Tenant in a Foreclosure Case

Kaman & Cusimano recently collected over $11,000.00 for an association in a foreclosure action. To prevent the delinquent owner from collecting the rental payments from ...
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Kaman & Cusimano Successfully Preserves Sheriff’s Sale Results

Due to the increased delinquency of maintenance fees and assessments at a condominium association, Kaman & Cusimano received authorization to proceed with the filing of ...
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K&C Obtains $13,000 Refund in Property Taxes Improperly Charged to HOA

A homeowners association received a tax bill for more the $27,000 and paid approximately $13,000, which was due for the first half of the year.  ...
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Over $20,000 Collected for Association Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A unit owner was discharged from a condominium’s association’s monthly fees in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, meaning the owner was no longer personally liable for the ...
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Over $30,000 Collected for Association by Defaulting Bank

A condominium Association filed a foreclosure complaint against an owner for failing to pay the regular maintenance fees and assessments.  Kaman Cusimano successfully obtained a ...
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Successfully Obtained Judgment against Owner for Failing to make Required Lot Maintenance and Repairs

A homeowners association filed a lawsuit against an owner for failing to maintain and repair his property, including his siding and landscaping and removing unapproved ...
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Successfully Defended Fair Housing Claim where Owner Alleged Association Failed to make a Reasonable Accommodation.

A unit owner requested that the association remove a sloped sidewalk on the exterior of her unit to accommodate her disability.  The association obtained several ...
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