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Minutes of Meetings – What You Need to Record

About twenty years ago my friend attorney Jonathan Levine wrote a handout that was entitled “MINUTES…NOT HOURS!” It gave a great account of what was and what was not needed in the minutes. Rather than re-write what he wrote, I simply copied (with minor additions) his list below:

Minutes Should Record:

  1. What kind of meeting is being held (owner or board, annual, regular or special)
  2. Name of the association
  3. Date and place of the meeting
  4. Presence of the President and Secretary (or their substitutes)
  5. Presence of a quorum (or lack of one with an immediate adjournment)
  6. Time the meeting was called to order
  7. Approval/correction of previous meeting minutes
  8. The exact text of all motions (whether passed or not)
  9. Who made the motion and if it was seconded (if no second the motion dies)
  10. All points of order
  11. Names of those elected
  12. Number of votes for, against, and abstaining from any motion, along with the name(s) of the persons abstaining
  13. Any reports given
  14. Any important announcements
  15. The signature of the Secretary
  16. The date the minutes were approved (this is usually at the next meeting)
  17. If the minutes were corrected, note the corrections made without destroying the original minutes.

Minutes Should Not Record:

  1. Discussion or argument
  2. Personal opinion – except if a guest expert is brought in to speak on some subject
  3. Name of who seconded a motion
  4. Motions that were withdrawn
  5. The text of any report given


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